Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm the LUCKIEST girl!

SUPRISE!!!!! Me and Rainey are ENGAGED!
Okay heres how he proposed..
Rainey "told" me he was coming out to visit me for Valentines day weekend... Instead,he bought a plane ticket for a week earlier and came into town Feb 4th and surprised me! BIG TIME! His plane was delayed so he got Emma to distract me while he decorated my apt with rose petals, candles, and romantic music. As Rainey waited anxiously, hiding in my closet, I walked in the door and my heart STOPPED when I saw the candles and flowers leading into my room. As I walked into my room, the song Marry Me, by Train was playing, which couldnt be anymore perfect. I turned around and there Rainey was down on one knee soaked in sweat and shaking. It was the cutest thing ever. He put the prettiest ring of my life on my finger and made me the happiest girl in the world! He also set up cute heart glasses and Martinelli drinks in the kitchen. Then he took me out the the most amazing restaurant, Tuscanos to celebrate with some friends! The people at the restuarant made us stand up and everyone sang to us! SO EMBARRASSING!
Rainey was only in town for a few days so we had to do wedding stuff quick! That next day Raineys good friend take some engagment pictures! She was really fun to work with and did a great job!
Kassandra Bispo also toook some pictures for us! Shes the BEST!!
We found a cute little apt complex to live in called Cambridge Court. Its right across the street from the BYU stadium! We are too excited!
As for wedding plans, it coming a long really good now that i FINALLY found my bridesmaid dresses. My colors are olive green, light pink, cream, and black.
Its coming up fast!
Our date is May 7th 2011... thats only 48 more days away!


  1. I love you! best year of my life!

  2. okay. i'm so glad you blogged! I am in love with your ring. I'm gonna try and come down for your bridal shower!!! I hope i can make it!! You are going to be such a GORGEOUS BRIDE! I love you and Rainey both!

  3. i love the both of you, i couldn't be happier! you are gorgeous in every picture and i love how you are so in love...josh told me the other day, he was like rainey and elise are so in love, you can tell by how happy they are in pictures together, and i said YES! they it you guys, cant wait to celebrate with you on may 7th!! you both are perfect for each other and will have the hottest babes! love you eface.

  4. Steven and I are so so so glad you guys worked out!! We are so excited-we will have to go fun places with each other :) Can't wait to see you! The pictures look great! Love you


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