Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cambridge Court!

Me and Rain LOVE our new apt at Cambridge Court! It has been so much fun decorating it and making it our own! Its been amazing using all our gift cards from the wedding it make it look cute! We also are having so much fun going to the ward here and meeting new people! The ward is fun and so welcoming and we know we will have an amazing summer living here! Rainey is DONE with the semester and we are heading to Texas on Tuesday for our open house! yeahhhh

Our summer ride!Unpacking all our gifts!
The Living room. Royal Blue and Green inspired.
We found this chair on Ksl for $25! Amazing find if I do say so myself!
Me and Rains first big screen! We LOVE it!!
Aimee made this cute lamp for our room!
A room for royalty!
Bathroom- so proud of the flowers I painted on the wall! I think Rainey thinks its a little too girly for him!
First meal using our R&E cups Rebecca and Steve gave us!
The whole room! Obsessed with my ruffle curtains I found from Target!


  1. ah!!! you guys!! i love your apartment, it is so dang cute. i need to come visit soon.

  2. love love your new apartment! looks awesome

  3. Yay! I love your blog and your cute, cute apartment! Let's be blog buddies! haha


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