Saturday, January 21, 2012


The Mavs came into town to play the Jazz this last week! We got tickets with a lot of the Mckinney peeps and we all proudly repped our mavs championship attire. The game was a lot of fun but to be honest most of the time i was on the lookout for Chloe Kardashian! Her hubby Lamar is on the team and unfortunaly she wasnt at the game:( It was still pretty cool to see Lamar and Dirk! We were so happy to leave the game with a win and since we were pretty much the only mavs fans there we got a ton of glares and even a few naughty words spoken to us. haha

 Jake was so into the game he ripped his shirt off!! haha

 The little jazz fan that cussed us out!

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  1. ohh i just LOVE jared! he was my best friend in college... what a good guy.


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