Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Love

Our first V-day together was perfect! Since I'm at night school until 10pm on tuesday, we decided we would have an early celebration on monday night! Rainey planned out a surprise dinner for me and had our good friends the Wensels help set up! While Rain distracted me, Bridgette and Christian decorated our apt with candles, roses, and had our favorite meals waiting on the table for us. My meal was the chicken caesar salad from Milawis Pizza and Raineys meal was the chipotle chicken pizza from CPK. For dessert i suprised him with sugar cookie conversation hearts that I made with some friends for our husbands. I had to do a little editing on the words...;)
On real Valnetines Day i hung out with my paul mitchell girls all day! We had a fun vday party at school and Rainey also showed up with a pretty red rose and some Sees candies chocolates:) Hes sososo cute and made my valentines the best! I know i say it alll the time but i'm the luckiest girl!

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  1. SOOO cute Elise! Rainey is so thoughtful! I loved helping out with your Valentines Day! :)


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