Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Sunday

I had so much fun celebrating Easter this year with Rain and my little brother Jon. It was an amazing day with great weather and great company. I started the morning off with a little easter egg hunt for Rain around the house with his favorite candies inside the eggs. It was pretty entertaining to watch him find all the eggs because i made the hunt pretty challenging. We had one of my families specialty meals, chicken roll-ups for dinner and TONS of deviled eggs. Thats the best part of easter treats for me:) Then we chowed down on our boxes of Sees candy that my parents send us every year! yummmmm
Fun recipe I found on pinterest for colored deviled eggs!

Easter colors with my girls at church

Found all the eggs!

Photoshoot with the cute Wensels

love this chick 

Easter outfit

Cambridge is pretty cute

my new pink bow!!!


Chicken roll-ups

They love my cookin


  1. wow so cute i love the dyed eggs and your adorable cute bow! hey that skirt is so cute, it looks just like what my bridesmaids wore at my wedding! is it from downeast? you are gorgeous. ps is your hair all your real hair or extensions?? it is so long im jealous!!

  2. Thanks so much! you are sweet! yes it is from downeast! i love it! your bridesmaids looked amazing in them. and i added some extentions to the bottom! grow hair grow! haha the no heat thing isnt working.......

  3. what a beautiful couple you two are! love your pink bow.


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