Sunday, August 12, 2012


I cannot believe the luck I have been having with shopping cheap lately! Not very good for my budget because I cannot resist a good deal but I just wanted to show some of the clothes I have gotten lately!

Shirt: Tj Maxx Belt: Target Pants: Target Purse: Tj Maxx Braclets: Tj Maxx

Shirt: Tj Maxx Skirt: Tj Maxx Hat: Ross Shoes: Ross

Skirt: Forever21 Shirt: Tj Maxx Bow: Soel Botique

Shirt: Tj Maxx Skirt: Nordstom Rack Belt: Forever21 Purse: Tj Maxx


  1. You always look so stylish Elise! Thank you for sharing your shopping tips! I always love a good deal!

    1. thank you bethany! BUT it is you that is always lookin like a stunner! I love all your clothes girl! I wanna see you post some outfits:)

  2. Great clothes Elise! I still can't believe we have never gone shopping together...umm lets change that! I love all your TJ Maxx finds! Always my fav! :)

  3. Elise!!! could you be anymore beautiful!!? i love your blog. :)


  4. I ADORE every one of these outfits. I'm so happy to see someone who shops at every single store that I do looking to find a good deal. Although, I'm wondering where some of these items were the last time that I went shopping ;) Love your blog! Keep the outfit posts coming..

  5. Loving all these looks & your blog! Xo

  6. You're a model right? If you're not--you should be. Glad we got that out of the way.Love that maxi skirt so much!


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