Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Heaven

My absolute favorite part of every summer is going to Newport Beach with the familia! For 15 years we have been staying at the same house and go on the exact same week every year! I cant even imagine a summer without it. Its at the perfect location, right on the sand overlooking the ocean but also super close to the boardwalk and pier. It is always the most amazing week where we all get to not worry about a thing and  relax on the beach all together. Here are a few of our favorite things we do together during the trip: riding beach cruisers down the boardwalk/ boogie boarding/ capturing crabs/starfish /  rubys diner for breakfast/  janes corndogs / newport temple/ family photoshoots/ sand vball games/ sand castle competitions/ settlers of catain/ Balboa ferris wheel/ fashion island/ going to the Shell Guy shop/ family jam session& karaoke night/ movie night at stadium 12
I love this tradition that I have each year of spending a week in newport! I seriously took way to many pictures this trip so sorry for the photo overload! 


  1. What a fun trip you guys had! i just love home! it's seriously the best place ever! I adore the picture of you and Rainey kissing at the life guard tower! Let's just face it Elise you are a babe! You look gorgeous in all of these pictures! I am so happy that your whole family was there and to see you guys have so much fun!
    Love ya!

    1. Ahh thank you so much girl! We had fun! yes we love it there!! Love you girl!

  2. it's official. you are PERFECT!

  3. LOVE all these sunny pics and adorable outfits, sunnies, swimsuits, hats, shorts, haha you name it! LOVE! ps, that necklace you're wearing in the pic with the cute stripy dress, you would know if its a sunrise necklace cause they cost TONS of money haha. its a super rare sea shell found deep in the ocean. they sell them for tons on the islands. yours looks similar!


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