Monday, December 3, 2012

Texas Style Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was spent in Texas with the Rogers this year. They live in a cute little town right outside Dallas called Mckinney. Mamma Rogers is an amazingly talented chef and so we ate gormet the whole week and I was in absolute food heaven. I had my first deep fried turkey and will never go back! Delicious!
 We went to lots of movies and ate lots and lots of food. 
Some highlights of the week were: going to see the Dallas temple, Mavericks bball game, getting spoiled for my bday, getting my first massage, shopping days in Dallas, meeting up with raineys old friends, getting nails done with all the girls, going shooting at the grandparents, hot tubbing every night, being with the cutest dogs, and spending time with family. I have so much to be thankful for!! Especially lucking out with such amazing In-laws!
 One member of the family was missing because he is out serving his mission in Newport Beach! We missed Jeddy so much we put on all his clothes (which he very specifically told all of us not to touch) and took pictures to send to him! We gave him a good laugh. 

We LOVED being in Texas for the Holidays and cannot wait until next time!

                                                           (Being Jed for the night)


  1. Oh my, how gorgeous you are! You look like such a fun couple! Thank you for following! -Jessica L


  2. Looks like so much fun - you have a beautiful family!

  3. Wow, girls, you look dangerous with those guns! ;)

  4. I'm so dang jealous that y'all got to got to Texas for Thanksgiving!! I'm from Texas, not too far from McKinney actually. It's so fun up there. And I love your red pleated skirt. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Can't wait to see more fun things from you.

    Looking Up

  5. Yay for a wonderful Thanksgiving in the great state of Texas. Maybe I'm a little biased, but it really is the best state ha! What a fun time you guys had shooting and going to the Rangers game.

    Just found your blog, and I can't wait to read more and follow along!
    Happy day!


  6. Oh, you're such a beauty!!! =))))))))))))
    Happy late Thanksgiving =))))))))))))))

  7. This is so precious!! And I agree with Natasha, you're adorable. XOXO your newest follower

  8. really great shots and love it :) wanna stay in touch with Google/FB if you want :) Wld love to see u over at my blog!

  9. Love all of these sweet pictures! Gotta love time spent in Texas. ;)

  10. Wow, your hair is amazing!!! Cute pictures, lady!

    xo, Jenna

  11. I love your black and white sweater! Where is it from??


  12. you look so great together!!! :D your outfits were all rocking!! :D

    Click me for my NEW BLOG

  13. New to your blog but I just have to say 1) you are gorgeous 2) obsessed with your style- that sweater is amazing!

  14. Love your trip photos! I live close to McKinney and I loved seeing your photos of the SMU Stadium as I graduated from there many years ago! Glad you had a great time!

  15. I don't know which post to comment on because I love them all. You are stunning & always look so stylish! Newest follower here!


I love your comments so much! Thanks so much for reading!! xoxo.

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