Wednesday, January 16, 2013

//Sister Time//

There are 4 sisters.
 Aimee, Elise, Caroline, and Leslie. 

Just don't know what I would do without my gorgeous sisters! They are honestly my best friends!!
LOVED spending the holiday season with them at home in california
Really really missing it there right now while im freezing my bum off in freezing Utah!
Please take me back to the Sun & my Sissys!:)


  1. You, girls, are seriously amazing! I wanted to have a sister so bad, but only have an older brother. :) It's so awesome - to be born in one family with your best friend!

  2. you have a beautiful family. i have two sisters, so i know what it's like to have those sisterly bonds! you guys look different in some ways, alike in other ways...but you ALL have amazing hair :)

  3. Beautiful photos! Great looks :) x


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