Thursday, March 14, 2013

//Dreaming of Braids//

 I love braids.
 French, fishtail, dutch, twist, rope, waterfall, plain, double, ladder, plaited.
 I'm obsessed. Braids are simple and make you look like you actually took a while to fix your hair. My 2 little sisters are always my braid models! 

Here are a few of my favs..

 Triple Waterfall Braid...

Inverted top knot Braid..

 Double Fishtail Braid..

Triple Braid Updo..

1.  Always braid hair dry and comb it well before starting.  Braiding hair while wet causes damage to the hair and makes a smooth braid harder to achieve.
braid close up
2.  Hair with grip is easier to braid and has less fly aways. One option is to skip a shampoo, brushing hair thoroughly to distribute natural oils. 
3.  Forget bad memories of too tight pigtails. Pulling braids extra tight does not improve the appearance and only serves to damage hair and bring on a headache. Instead, pull hair gently snug as you braid.
4.  Fully separate hair strands before crossing over.  Long or curly hair will begin to braid itself at the end and may require detangling.
5.  Relax while you’re braiding your hair. Even better, close your eyes. Do not watch yourself in the mirror, your hands know better than your eyes. And if the braid doesn’t work out right, just brush your hair out and try again.
Happy Braiding!!! 


  1. Love the braid ideas! I do the side braid often but need to try some other styles!

  2. These are all soo pretty! I love braids, they're so easy and look so nice! Thanks for these tips. I never knew that braiding wet hair damages it. I'll remember that next time!
    Sparkle and Shine!

  3. Great tips Elise :) Messy braids are my fav!

    xoxo Jamie

  4. super cute!

  5. I love all of these braids!! Dreamy! Great tips too.

    xo, Courtney

  6. I wish my hair were longer so I could pul of this look. Great post.

    I am now following on GFC if you would like to follow back?

    I have two new sports luxe outfit posts and would love to know which look is your fave here: Celine or BOY London?

    Thanks :) Charlie xx

  7. I love braids! My favorite is the fish tail, but those updos are so cute too!


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