Wednesday, April 10, 2013

// Beverly Swimwear/Spotty Prep //

SUMMER is coming up and its time to start looking for cute new suits!! I'm so excited to be featuring this super fun vintage swimsuit made by

//Beverly Swimwear//

At Beverly Swimwear, shop for swimsuits with classic styles for the modern modest cutie!
All of the swimsuits are handmade and she can even customize your swimsuit to better fit your body. She has so many cute patterns and prints, i'm in love with all of them! With Beverly Swimwear, you can stay fashion forward, modest, and within your budget! Check out all her cute swimsuits on her website here!

It makes me so so happy that the sun is coming out! I need a tan!
Last week Rain and I had a picnic with Sonic drinks and pizza in the park.
 If you are a big sonic drinker the best flavor ever made is Razberry/ Peach/Limeade. Try it!!!



  1. What a neat bathing suit and you are teeeeny tiny. :)

  2. that swimsuit is adorable! and you are as well! jealous of your swimsuit weather. :)


  3. SO CUTE you have the skinniest legs. beverly is my friend, she grew up with chase. glad to see you sportin her stuff!

  4. Omg so cute!!! Love the swim suit!!!

  5. love this!! such a cute outfit/swim wear!

  6. You are too cute skinny minnie! Enjoyed your blog;)


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