Monday, May 13, 2013

// Beauty Must-Haves for Summer //

 Luscious eyelash extensions are a must-have this summer!!

 Eyelash Extensions are bonded to each individual lash and the results last for the entire life of the lash (6-8 weeks).  This is a great option for women who prefer not wearing makeup but still want to achieve a natural polished look everyday. Im obsessed with mine and have been wearing them for 2 years now!! I love the
waking up and feeling ready for the day:) While you are vacationing on beaches and lakes this summer eyelashes are the way to go to give you that 
amazing look without mascara running down your face!

Here are a few clients I have done at Suggestions Salon..

Brighten your hair up for summer by adding in some golden tones throughout the bottom of your hair for a golden ombre look!!  
This summers ombré features a less drastic, more blended tone. Transitions are more subtle and (much) darker roots are less obvious.  With the summer ombré, it’s all about embracing a shade that is only slightly lighter than your natural color, blending throughout, and going another shade or two lighter than that on your ends. It’s a perfectly sunkissed, prettier-than-natural look. With so many options out there for Ombré, this hair trend can still be fun and different! This is my favorite color to do on my clients because it flatters almost every skin tone and face shape!

Below are some pics of my gorgeous client Hela {Summer Ombre}..

 {A high pony is so pretty for a hot summers day}

This is a conditioning treatment for your hair.This means it doesn't break down the shaft of the hair to make it straighter. It's actually a really great treatment for damaged hair; the more porous your hair is, the more processed and dried out it is, the better it works. 
Brazillian Blowouts do not completely take the curl out of your hair it smooths the cuticle and and gives you gorgeous frizz free waves. I got one before I went on my honeymoon in Hawaii and it seriously changed my life!!! MY HAIR NEVER LOOKED BETTER!
This pic was taken after my hair air hot brush...amazing results



{I do eyelash extensions/ombres/and Brazilian Blowouts at Suggestions Salon in Orem Utah} 

( I will also be doing a lot of hair in the San Fransico and the Modesto area this summer}
 Contact me to make an apt for your new summer look!:)



  1. Ombre- CHECK!
    Eyelash Extension & Brazilian Blowout on the TO-DO list!!!

    I feel like this post was aimed at me, missy!
    love you!

  2. Your amazing!!!! Do my eyelashes!!! :)

  3. I want you to do my hair! You are awesome!


  4. Love the ombre look!
    Don't forget to check my anniversary giveaway!

  5. Awesome blog, loved the way you do your hair, very stylish!

  6. love this! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know!

  7. I am in LOVE with the golden ombre! I just wish my hair was longer because I'm pretty sure that ombre's only look really good on long-haired girls. Any suggestions for a medium length-haired girl?

    Sue // Chevron & Lace


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