Thursday, May 9, 2013

//Neon Brights + Tips on how to wear them//

Tan Skin. Neon clothes. and a messy bun. {my summer bucketlist}
Im a bright/neon clothes kinda girl and it makes me so happy that this summer neons are trending!
In every store you go in right now neons are everywhere!!!
 This green button up is my favorites and I will probably be wearing it all summer long...

 Shirt:Asos Skirt:Downeast Basics Shoes:TJ Maxx

 A more casual look..
{Neon Pink Lips are a MUST for this Summer}

Older outfit posts with some of my favorite neon shades..

I loovveee these tips about HOW TO WEAR NEONS
• Pick the neon shade that you love most of all and that goes well with your skin tone and hair color. For example, if your face is pale, then accordingly yellow and orange will not look good for you. Instead, you should take brighter colors like neon pink or cobalt blue.
• Do not make all your outfits in the neon color. Remember that this trend may disappear soon and you will later regret for having spent too much money on this color. Take one or 2 pieces of clothes in the colors and combine them with neutral shades and you will sure have different variations for different occasions. Wear the neon color item with the clothing piece that you already have. A neon shirt, for instance, may look very stylish, when combined with some sexy skinny jeans you already have. 
• Think twice. If you do not want to catch attention, never opt for this color, since neon will always make you visible from afar.
• Check if the outfit fits you well. Since neon colors are extremely bold and eye-catching, they tend to make anyone look larger than they are. If you have a pear figure, use the neon colors for your top part. For apple shaped bodies feel free to use neon bottoms. If you have an ideal body shape with proper curves and slim legs, then wear neon on whichever zone you like.
• Choose accessories that will not overdo the outfit. Go for accessories that help to tone down the brightness of neon colors.
• Don’t know if the color will suit you? Then try small neon accessories first before purchasing any other piece of clothing. A neon belt or a clutch, or just your favorite neon nail polish can give you a hint if you like the color or not. Once you check these, go ahead buying your beloved neon color outfit.
{My wishlist of Neons for Rain and I}



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  2. great pictures, I love your neon outfits!
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  3. i adore your style! you have some gorgeous items in your closet - the pretty sequined skirt! thanks for stopping by my blog!
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  4. That neon yellow top looks so gorgeous on you, and I love love love all the ways you styled it :)

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