Monday, July 15, 2013

Sparkly Shirts are fun + a Beauty Tip

Nothing like a gold sequin top to add some glam into your outfit! Happy Monday!!

{Shirt/Skirt:F21 Shoes/Jacket: Last Chance Necklace:Whiteplumboutique Braclets:BipandBop}

Beauty Tip: What color eyeliner should you be wearing??

Lately i've really been into wearing purple eyeliner... I love the way it complements my blue eyecolor and cool skin tones. I never thought purple could look so natural!

Heres some tips on what eyeliner will work best for you!

{Brown Eyes} Black is usually the best choice for eyeliner. Navy and charocoal also looks great! The color that people with brown eyes will definitely want to stray away from is brown. Most people would normally think that brown will enhance the appearance of brown eyes but it might overpower your eyes.
{Green/ Hazel Eyes} The ideal eyeliner color for people with green eyes is purple or brown. The purple eyeliner can really enhance and bring out the green of the eyes. Hazel eyes have a little more leeway when it comes to choosing an eyeliner color. Because there is so much gold and brown in the eye, purple, bronze, brown, and gold colored eyeliner and eye shadow are ideal.
{Blue Eyes}  Your best bet is to choose brown or bronze eyeliner. This can help enhance and bring out the natural blue of your eyes. You can also try the classic colors that include taupe, gray, purple, violet, deep blue (make sure that it is a shade darker than your eye color), and black mixed with bright blue for shadow. 



  1. i love your jacket!
    and i live in the east bay, lets get together before you you leave the bay!


  2. Ugh, you have AMAZING lashes.. I love the way it opens up your eyes, I'm always jealous of people with nice, long lashes!!

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  3. you are utterly lovely. & i am so glad I stumbled across your corner. I cant wait to read more. you are absolutely beautiful. I love your beauty tips, I am in desperate need of new ones.


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