Thursday, July 18, 2013

//Transformation Thursday//

 I’ve decided to start posting before and after pictures of my clients on Thursdays
 to share with you a little more about what I've been up to behind the chair!

//Trasformation Thursdays//


Leslie wanted to have a more vibrant rich color to enhance the gorgeous color she already had.
What I did: I threw in a very fine weave using Redken blonde icing and then toned the top with 7gb Shades Eq by Redken. Loving the beachy Jenifer Aniston color vibe I am getting from her new do!


 Elise wanted to stay close to her natural on top, but add in some carmely honey tones throughout the middle and bottom. She wanted the the gorgeous ombre look for a fun summer change! Ombre is my favorite color technique, I love how creative you can get with the placement and colors! 
What I did: On the top I used Redken color gels with 5nw and 6nw. I foiled every few sections of hair and applied 20 vol Reken lightner through the middle and end of the strand. We loved the color the lightner gave her  so we didn’t even have to tone!


Caroline wanted a big change! Darker with lots of rich warm tones throughout the top and lighter on the bottom.
What I did: I used a level 6wg with color gels from Reken and 2o vol lightner. I applied the 6wg from root to midshaft and then used the lightner through the bottom with a diagnol placement. We loved end result! Color gels is my favorite for ombres because it gives it that beautiful middle transitional color.

This next one is of my beautiful mom! She just got the new Halo Extensions and is loving having them! She got them for fullness and texture. Suggestions Salon is one of the few providers out there of Halo Couture Extenstions! You can come in for a free fitting and color match at anytime...Check out and read more about an amazing hair transformation you could give to yourself:)


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  1. quick question, so are you still doing hair in the bay area?
    i'm in a desperate need of a revamp.
    also, do you do men's hair?
    let me know lady.



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