Wednesday, August 7, 2013

// Beauty Tips every girl should know //

{Avoid everyday beauty mistakes with these simple steps}
1.Skipping your nighttime face wash routine – you’re just too tired: Sleeping with makeup on can cause more than just acne breakouts, and isn’t that enough of a warning in itself? 
Solution: Take the time to wash your face carefully before going to bed.  Keep face wipes by your bed if your too tired. (these have saved me) I would recommend using the neutrogena face wipes, they will do the trick when you need a fast and easy cleanse.
2. Turning up hair appliances all the way: Using your curling iron on full blast (temps go up to 425'!) can cause some serious damage.
Solution: Give your hair a break and turn the dial to about the halfway mark, that’s plenty enough heat to style your hair without leaving it fried and dry. This is one I have had to tell myself over and over again. Luckily, I have found ways I can twist up my hair at night that requires me to use no heat in the morning. 
3. Applying conditioner all over hair: Shampoo and conditioner are very different, so why would you apply them the same way? The hair at your roots is new and damage-free; it doesn’t need moisture quite like your ends do.
Solution: Start at your ears and slather on conditioner to the bottom two-thirds of hair. In this one easy step, you’ll stop wasting product and causing your hair to be weighed down or greasy.
4. Using concealer before foundation:  There’s always a temptation to start your makeup routine by immediately covering up any spots-time to hold off!
Solution: Apply foundation first – it may cover up any blemishes without having to layer on more makeup than necessary. If you still see any redness, spot treat with concealer.
 5. Not giving your moisturizer enough time: Make sure you give your moisturizer enough time to absorb into the skin to guarantee effectiveness.
Solution: Give it at least a minute: brush your teeth in between applying moisturizer and moving on to the next step to make sure it really soaks in.
6. Not exfoliating: Regular exfoliation makes your skin softer, appear more youthful and stimulates new cell growth.
Solution: Use a Clarisonic body brush to exfoliate all over and a face brush for the delicate skin on your face. Always run the brush toward your heart to help stimulate blood flow using long, slow strokes. If you dont have a Clarisonic, use a loofah on your body and find a DIY scrub on pinterest for your face. There are so many good ones out there. 
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  1. Ohh these are awesome tips. I have never ever had skin problems. As soon as I hit 25 my skin took a dive. I might have to try these tips. I wash my face religiously. I might have to invest in a clarisonic! Following you cutie. Hope you follow me back. On my way to enter your giveaway. Thank you for such a great oppurtunity

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