Monday, August 19, 2013

//Fields of Flowers Blouse//

 {Shirt:Whiteplum Pants: Gap Shoes:Cotton On}

Floral print and tunics are two of my favorite things so when I first put this blouse on, I instantly fell in love! The best part about this tunic is the neck sash that can be worn in so many adorable ways! Make it classy and chic with a cute bow, or just wrap it around your neck for more of a contempory look.

 {Below is Aimee is wearing it in black}

This was the funnest summer of my life! We spent the summer in a fun city but the best part was being close to home! I was always able to see my sisters, have them come visit or go home and hang out with them whenever I wanted. This photoshoot was one of the highlights of our summer because we spent many mornings doing photoshoots for White Plum Botique and finally all four of us did one together! I am obsessed with my sissys and am gonna miss them so much!

 X O X O


  1. sounds like an awesome summer.
    and it looks like it was so fun to be close to all of your sisters!


  2. this blouse is so darling! I love it so much! Xo


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