Monday, September 2, 2013

// My Hair Essentials //

Happy Labor Day! Today Im sharing with you 4 of my favorite hair products and a blow dryer I cannot live without!!!

Spray Starch- This thermal protectant works like a charm! I spray it in my hair before I give myself a blowout or if im just adding in some curls. The best part is, it doesnt leave your hair with a crunchy feel and holds the style of your hair all day long!
Moroccan Oil- I have such dry hair I need all the hydration I can get in my frizzy ends! I put this in while my hair is still wet, right before I start the blow dry.
Its a 10 Miracle Silk Smoothing Balm- I put this in my hair while its still damp from roots to ends to give it a lucious smooth look. I have a lot of natural curl to my hair so this works wonderfully when Im giving myself a blow dry with a round brush. I have never been able to find a product that gives me the same soft feel.
Super Skinny SerumI use this after the blowout in my ends for the final polished look.

To get the best quality of these products, go to a professional salon near you or ask your hairdresser where you can purchase these products! If you live in Utah Valley, I work at Suggestions Salon!  I would love to give you any recommendations or answer any questions you have with finding the perfect products for your hair!

HANAair Hairdryer


 {Round brush locking is my favorite technique to keep the body in my hair all day long. Not as scary as it looks!}


  I have been dying for blowdryer I can trust for years now! I blow dry my hair A LOT so I have always been on the hunt for an amazing dryer with low heat damage.When HANAair sent me this dryer I became a fan right away! It is incredibly powerful and dries my hair in no time + my hair looks and feels sooo much healthier. Professional producrs really do make a HUGE difference in your hair! Hana has ion technology that condtions and protects your hair while it dries. That means no more flat iron for happy this gets the job done without having to use extra damaging heat:) I seriously cannot wait to start using this on my clients at the Suggestions and seeing the beatiful results in their hair! THANK YOU HANA!


  1. I want to try this blow dryer!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing these products!!!


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