Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall and Winter Ombres//Hair Post

The fall and winter months are the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your hair! Add a pop of fiery copper-red or violet hues to mix up your average ombre look. My beautiful clients below wanted to do dramatic changes to their ombres this season. This was perfect for these brunette beauties because their tone was refreshed while preserving their natural color and keeping it healthy.  

{Ariel: Red/Violet Ombre}
{Maia: Copper Red Ombre}
"Business in the front, Party on the side"
{Alexis: Dark Brunette Carmel disconnected ombre}

 I experimented with fun color blocking techniques on this beautiful lady! Alexis wanted me to add a chunck of blonde on one side of her part so when she parts it in the middle its hidden but when parted on the side it looks like a disconnected ombre. It's so fun to try out new ideas I get from my creative clients.:) Her hair inspiration was Christina Perri.This is a perfect color for a low maintanence edgy look!
What is your next color inspiration?! 


  1. Love ombre hair, if my hair was long long enough I would defiantly get it done


  2. I wanna do ombre to my hair but i'm so scared too.. I wear clip on extensions so it'll cost a lot of money to get my real and fake hair done.

  3. beautiful! this is making me crave an ombre even more!

  4. I like ombre hair,they are cute!


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