Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sneak Peak...

Since I have moved to Dallas I have met SO many people and everyone has been so nice and helpful as I begin my career here. After meeting with a client, I was given the opportunity to tour with the Fave 4 team to be their stylist and makeup artist for the ABS hair show in Chicago. This was such a dream! I have always wanted to get into production work and am so excited/nervous for the hair show! The show is this weekend so I have been busy busy shopping for the four different looks from the Fave 4 line of hairsprays. Texture Takeover, Flex Reflect ,Workable Wear, and Style Stay all have such unique looks and colors it was exciting styling different outfits and can't wait to put it all together on the models. I have loved getting to know Dallas shopping too! Too amazing!!!
 Below is a sneak peak of some of my finds for the show...

Follow along on my instagram to see the final looks at the show! Wish me luck!!!
Instagram | Mrsrogers

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  1. Okay so inspired right now! love this post.


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