Monday, August 4, 2014

Exciting News!

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SO excited to annouce we will be having a baby BOY!! The anticipation we went through before finding out the gender was unreal!! We both had a feeling it would be a boy and I had a vivid dream one night that I had a little boy so it was not a huge shock when they told us he was going to be a boy in the ultarasound. I wanted my whole family to be there when we found out so we made an apt. in California while we were there on vacation last week. It was so special having everyone in the room with us and we even got to see a few pictures of him in 3D! Already so obsessed with this little guy! I am now 20 weeks and can feel him start to squrim a little in my belly. Right now it just feels like butterflys and I cannot wait until I can actually feel a little foot or a hand.  My whole life I have been surrounded by 3 sisters and I am the ultimate girly so I am not quite sure that I will know what to do with a boy. All I have ever known is barbies,playing dress up, and the color pink. Rain can cannot contain his excitment about this little boy and can hardly wait to be a daddy! He will seriously be the best:) I cant wait to have a sweet baby boy in our lives. Happy Monday!


  1. How amazing! You look beautiful! Congratulations! Such a pretty dress!

  2. Congratulations! You look adorable in these pics :)


  3. Guess what? Having boys is the best. Rainey Jr Jr!

  4. love your outfit! its totally gorgeous!

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