Monday, February 16, 2015

One Month + Baby Must-Haves

 I cant believe it has been 1 month since our angel was born! We have had the most amazing month getting to know this little guy. My mom stayed with me for 2 weeks after he was born and I had my sisters and my best friend come into town so I have had a lot of help adjusting to mom life. The biggest adjustment is always being completely exhausted and running on zero sleep! The biggest adventure with little Q this month was taking him on his very first flight to California! We went to see my sister one last time before she left on her mission to Argentina. I was a nervous wreck to travel with him so young but he had some of his first big smiles on the plane and loved it.  

What Quinn loves:

  • Bath time! The warm water always calms him down and he loves it when mommy comes in with him
  • Being swaddled extremely tight
  • Sitting in his mamaroo
  • Being bounced and swayed
  • His car seat. He loves to be in the car and out and about on the town
  • Lights
  • Lots of noise! He loves hearing lots of people talking around him
  • Country music really loud
  • Going on walks outside in his stroller
  • Airplanes! He went on his first flight to California and was a champ

What Quinn does not like:
  • His binky
  • When mommy eats popcorn or anything that causes him to be gassy
  • Having to toot or go potty
  • Napping. He is rarely down for longer than 2 hrs.
  • Going grocery shopping! I haven't had a successful shopping trip yet..
  • Taking a bottle

He is still totally in newborn clothes -I call him my little stick figure baby! I am not positive how much he weighs but at his last apt he was 8 lbs. I can see come chubby checks and double chin forming:)
I am totally that obsessed mommy who can't stop taking pictures of their child and swooning over every new little expression! We are in dreamland with this little guy!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Below are my favorite mom/baby items so far!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


  1. this is so awesome, congrats I'm so happy for you! he's a doll! and you look amazing :)


I love your comments so much! Thanks so much for reading!! xoxo.

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