Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quinn Update


This little love is growing like a weed! I think he has literally been in a growth spurt all month long because none of his clothes fit him anymore and he's been eating sooo much. At his 4 month check up he was 99% for height and 13% for his weight. He had some fun milestones this month like rolling over and showing us tons of expression and personality. We think he is going to be a social butterfly (like his daddy) because he can't stand being alone and loves to be around other people!

What Quinn loves:

  • Being outside and looking around at all the trees and plants..he is one curious little dude
  • He found his voice this month and boy does he love to hear himself squeal !!
  • Turning up the music really really loud.. and he thinks its hilarious when I start dancing
  • Target trips in the baby bijourn
  • Rolling all over the place like a crazy boy..crawling is coming so soon!
  • Still is a carseat lover and always wants to be on the go
  • Playing with all his teething toys. Always has his hands in his mouth.
  • Grabbing mammas hair and everyother girls hair thats long...his grip on my hair is insane. Might have to cut it soon.
  • Getting babysat by grammy! I went back to the salon part time last week and i'm so thankful my MIL can watch him for me! 
What Quinn does not like:
  • He moved to his own room last week when we moved into our new apartment. Not sleeping well at all in his new crib and room:(
  • Started him on solids this month and not a huge fan of the rice cereal. He usually gives me the pouty lip and grossed out face whenever I try to feed him...he did like applesauce though!
  • Still having some tummy trouble but luckily we started him on some reflux medicine that is helping him so so much.
  • Unfortunatly he hates the taste of formula so pumping bottles for him is a must.
  These are some fun moments from last month!!
Qs first Easter! We were kinda obsessed with this bunny hat on him! 
Baby Gap has the best stuff!!
choose to shine tee//BeBonaFide

Q got to go to California and get smothered with love by his cousins Lincoln and Christopher!
 He also went to his first birthday party for little Haven Mae turning 1! 
So hilarious that they are almost the same height!

onesie// H&M
Quinn misses his cousin Beck! 
Last photos together before he moved to New Oreleans for the summer.
Moving was a challenge with this boy but thanks to all the help from family
 we got into our new apartment so our little man has more room to play!
We are so ready for summer!!
 Suprisingly hes diggin these new shades (Oshkosh)


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