Thursday, June 11, 2015

AZ // Family

We took a short trip to AZ last weekend to be with my family and celebrate the life of my sweet Grandpa Porter. 
It was so great to be with my family to honor such an amazing man and see the legacy he left behind!

Baby Q is traveling so much easier now so we were able to enjoy our time in Arizona. 
He got to meet a lot of my Mom's family for the first time and was in heaven with all the attention he was getting.
I think the game changer for Q was to keep him on a strict schedule so he didn't get overly exhausted..if there's one thing I've learned about traveling with a babe it's to keep them on their normal nap time schedule even with the time change!

Summer is finally here and we took Quinn to the pool for the first time while we were in AZ. He loved it so much we have been taking him non stop since we've been back in Texas. My little fishy! 5 months has been one of my favorite stages…I even got my first hug the other day. I died!!!


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  1. Awwwww!!!! First hugs are the best! Arizona is such a beautiful place!


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