Thursday, November 19, 2015

October Photodrop + Quinn Update

 October was a super hard month for our little bean. Double ear infection and horrible stomach virus for weeks and weeks. He even got a fever of 104 one night:( (So sad!!)We experienced some of our hardest nights as parents with him getting his first big time sickness and made multiple trips to the doctors trying to get him better! Nothing harder than watching your little babe be so helpless! After he got over everything he's been a super happy baby thats so adventurous and into everything! He's getting more and more wild by the day:) He's like my mini best friend and I cant believe he's turning ONE so so soon!!!!


Size (Diapers, Onesies): size 3 diapers! Clothes are 9-12 months some shirts 12-18 months! weight is 20 lbs 

Eyes:  dark greyish blue! 

Hair:  Still basically bald but you can tell its brown! And suuper fuzzy! I love his bedhead.

Sleeping: Goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 6! takes two two-three hour naps a day and has been soo consistent since hes been better. I had to sleep train him again once he was better:(

Eating: Non stop!! He eats a solid three good meals of real food a day. Drinking so much formula now and will eat some things that we eat if we grind it up in the magic bullet. His favorite thing so far is Pizza and Spaghetti 

Quinns first halloween! 
Dressed as a lil ewok and a skeleton
Stands by himself and has taken 2 steps
walks with his push toys
says Dada and Mama
gives kisses on demand
can take off his diaper now
can open toilet seats and trash can
Went on his 10th airplane ride

swinging at the park
play dates with other babies
when I sing to him
when I make animal noises
other people
playing in the refrigerator and chewing on water bottles
taking showers with us
bath time 
Loves reading "Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?"
We flipped his carseat and now he loves being in the car

when we're eating and don't give him anything
When I try to wipe off his face after he eats
When any door closes he freaks out
When daddy leaves for work in the morning he sits next to the door crying

I hope you all are having a lovely fall!!

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