Thursday, January 14, 2016

1st Birthday Cake Smash!

***photos// Alison Worthen

Suspender outfits// H&M
Cake// Jenna Hall

Ok guys how in the world is my baby a one year old?! I swear Alison was just over at our house taking his newborns!! I cant believe Rainey and I survived our first year as parents! It was tough but we have learned soo much along the way and couldn't be anymore in love with this little man who brightens up our life. It's so fun that these sweet cousins are only 4 days apart and got to have their cake smash party together! We were all dying laughing watching them try to figure out why we put a huge blue cakes in front of them.  Quinn was so excited at first and just kept patting his cake like a drum. Beck grabbed the cake topper and was trying to make a run for it but as soon as he tried a little bite he was all in! Towards the end he had a melt down because he hates having anything sticking to his hands and he couldn't deal with all the the frosting. haha! Even with the melt downs we had such a fun party celebrating and spoiling these little christmas babys! We love our amazing family!

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