Saturday, July 9, 2016

Texas Home Tour

Our first home has been something special and we have been loving making it our own! 
The biggest update we have done so far is painting the kitchen cabinets and wall colors. 
I've always dreamed of a white kitchen so we had a painter come in and spray paint the cabinets white and he also painted all the walls grey. The natural light in this house is one of the major reasons why I fell in love with it, just something about bright big windows makes me the happiest. Quinns favorite part is of course having a yard to play in and going to our neighborhood pool everyday.

 We have recently had a huuuuge change of plans over the last month!  Rainey has an opportunity go back to school and get his masters degree in Utah this fall. I still can't believe it, but in the fall we will back in Utah for a year! 
We are currently looking for nice renters to take care of our Allen home for us while we are living in Utah:) We will be really sad to leave it here but we are always up for a new adventure!


  1. Love your house! The colors are my favorite, I also love bright spaces. We're house hunting now, and thats exactly what I'm looking for.

  2. Oh it's just friggin gorgeous <3!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. So beautiful!! love your decor style! & your couch!!


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I love your comments so much! Thanks so much for reading!! xoxo.

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