Friday, April 24, 2015

Texas Blue Bonnets

Baby Qs Outfit: Shirt and Shorts: H&M Shoes: Bijou Browns

The best part about Texas in the spring is finding gorgeous fields of Blue Bonnets everywhere! I just wish these flowers stayed around longer than just a month! Can't believe Quinn turned 4 months old this week!! He is wearing some adorable handmade baby shoes from BijouBrowns. These are seriously some of the only shoes that stay on his feet because they have a lace that can be tightened to fit his tiny feet perfectly! This girl is so talented and also has some of the cutest baby sandals for summer!  Our baby Q makes us so happy! I love seeing him grow but wish time would slow down just a little.... 

Thanks so much to my friend Aubrey for snaping these photos of all 3 of us! Love these boys so much!!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

3 months with Baby Q

//Some of my favorites from this month//

What Quinn loves:

  • Splashing in the Bath! He is seriously such a little wiggle worm. 
  • Baby Mozart! This music keeps him happy for of my clients gave me the CDs and told me it was baby crack.... it totally is.
  • Sitting in his bumbo and staring at himself in the mirror
  • Being in his baby bjourn with daddy
  • His car seat. He loves to be in the car and out and about on the town
  • Extending his legs as straight as possible..hes one stiff little bean!
  • Playing in his monkey place place
  • Hearing himself coo and giggle. He has the softest little voice
  • Playing with his cousin Beckham..they are only 4 days apart. They hold eachothers hands and its the cutest ever.
  • Tummy time. Hes so proud and happy when he holds his head up

What Quinn does not like:
  • Still will not take a binky. He acts like hes chocking when I try to put it in and its actually pretty hilarious
  • When mommy drinks any type of carbonation and diary..finally figured out what was upseting his stomach and hes been a different baby as soon as I stopped eating most diary products and soda:( Some of my favorite things but its so worth it to have a happy baby boy!
  • Sleeping through the night. He used to go 6 hours but lately its been every 3 hrs. I am so ready to start a sleeping schedule!
  • Getting dressed..this baby would be naked all day and be so happy
These photos were taken last week with his cousin Beckham!

 I'm so happy these two have eachother! They will be best little buds..

Bowties: Oshkosh Diapers: Honest

I mean seriously..whats better than naked baby boys in bowties?!
Love these boys too much!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Pink Desert Dress

 Dress//Pink Desert Booties// Old Navy(similar) Tights// Express 
Baby Q: Shirt//Old Navy Overalls//Osh Kosh Hat//Gap Shoes//Sperrys

Happy Friday!! These are just a few iphone snaps taken last week on our little sunday walk. We are finally having some gorgeous spring weather in Texas! Yay! Quinn loves to be outside in his baby bjourn on daddy so we take him on walks around our place as much as possible.  Pink Dessert sent me this dress to review a few weeks ago and I'm in love with the fun striped print/ style/ fit...i'm obsessed!! I can't wait to dress it up with some bright jewlry and makeup for a more spring time look. They have so many pretty, feminine dresses to choose from and this dress comes in 3 different colors!  Pink Desert is giving all my readers a special discount with this code : ELISE15 : good for 15% off ALL orders Friday the 27th-Friday the 3rd!

Have an amazing weeked!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Family of 3

Seriously the best part of my life are these 2 boys!  We had such a fun family session with Alison a few weeks ago!! These photos are so so special to me... Being a mamma is just the best! Quinn is starting to get the cutest little personality now and is killing me with his huge smiles and (almost laughs). Yesterday he slept through the night for the first time! It was a miracle! I cannot believe Q is 11 weeks old today...time is a flying with this little angel.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quinns Newborns

Photos // Alison Worthen

I know its a little late but I wanted to share some of Quinns newborn photos! These were taken when he was 2 weeks old and he already looks so much older!! Hes still a little s
He is 2 months now.. he’s smiling a lot, sleeping up to 5 hrs, loves to be in his baby bjorn, he weighs 11 pounds, he’s obsessed with bath time.. we take a bath together almost every night and he will just float and stare at me with his huge blue eyes, loves daddy's Elmo voice, always doing bicycles, found his fingers and loves chewing on them, still loves his mamaro, and makes the cutest pouty face when he is sad.
We love our baby boy so much!
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