Thursday, May 23, 2019

NYC Guide

NEW YORK Itinerary

(We stayed at a Hilton near the Empire State Building, so where you are depends what order you want to do things. Empire State was in the middle of the island so it was central for us.)

 Day 1- 
Lunch at Angelo’s Pizza. Get pizza and nothing else. Salad was okay but Pepperoni pizza is amazing. This is the standard for New York pizza. Like Grimaldi’s or Juliana’s(famous Brooklyn bridge spots) but without the wait. We went to Central Park after eating
and we rented bikes at the citibike stations and just explored. 
Metropolitan museum of art (inside Central Park) was a beautiful museum. 
We ended the night at a Yankees game. 
Levain bakery(west of central park) huge delish cookies, you can share.  
Jacobs pickles (west of park) really good brunch
Broadway show (See Dear Evan Hansen if you don’t know what to see.) 

Day 2-
Breakfast at Chelsea Market, walk the high line after.
World Trade Center(go to top, tallest building. Empire State is a good substitute but if u do empire go early when it opens to avoid lines)
World Trade Center museum (SUPER good and emotional)
Statue of Liberty cruise (book tickets online in advance through statue cruises. DO NOT get off on the Statue of Liberty island, Ellis Island is okay but we didn’t do either to save time. Just took pics on the boat and relaxed for the hour and half)
Dinner at Max Brennars, or just go there for chocolate or a chocolate shake. We brought home a lot of goodies from here. Didn’t have time to eat there though. 

Day 3-
Norma’s at the Parker Hotel. Get the French toast, Rainey liked the Eggs Benedict too.(south of Central Park)
Chinatown shopping and ice cream 
China town ice cream factory
Taiyaki NYC (little Italy ice cream shop)
It started raining and we were tired so we got massages at a random spot in Chinatown and it was so cheap and one of our favorite things we did. Refreshed us for the Brooklyn bridge walk which we did right after.
Nougatine by Jean Georges for dinner at Trump International Hotel which overlooks Central Park. We splurged at dinner and it was amazing. Jean Georges is one of the premier chefs in Manhattan and this is his cheaper restaurant(still a bit pricy). 


Have a lot of cash, some smaller bills too for random shops.

As you start making a list of places to go, log into your google maps and put every single place you want to go or want to go if you happen to be nearby on that list. That way, when you’re navigating around you can see when you happen to be close to a random shop or food spot that you heard was good. 

 If you want some fun pics in heels, wear tennis shoes and bring the heels in a backpack. 

If you’re tired in the afternoon and don’t wanna go all the way back to your hotel, go get a cheap massage at the many Asian massage places around. An hour foot and leg massage was $35. Full body massages are like $50. Great way to reset when you’re tired but don’t wanna leave the area you’re in. 

Cheaper and faster than UBER, and part of the experience 
How to do it:
Get on google maps, add the place you want to go. Then hit directions and you can change it from cars to walking, biking or public transit, or Uber/lyft.  
Change it to the bus or train icon and then the map will tell you where to walk to find the nearest subway station and what train to take. PAY ATTENTION to the direction the train says it’s going and don’t be afraid to ask people. 
We bought a week unlimited metro card so we never stressed about how many swipes we did. 
The subway doesn’t go to every area, so we used Uber too!

Don’t buy tickets from scalpers. We ignored this advice and waited too long and couldn’t purchase our Yankees game ticket online cuz the game has started, so we scalped one of our tickets and it was a fake. So be careful!!

Thank you to all our friends and family who gave us tips and advice on what to do!  The entire trip was an absolute dream! OBSESSED with this city! 

Happy EIGHT years to us! Our first long trip away from the boys was one for the books! I forgot how much we could actually fit into a day without them! Thanks for the memories NYC! Until next time!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Christmas Jammies

Christmas Jammies: Hanna Anderson My First Christmas shirt: Nordstrom

This post has been sitting in my archive since Christmas!!! Jack was 3 months and Quinn was about to turn 3 in these photos. I had a much needed break from my blog and now I have A LOT of catching up to do because my sweet baby is about to turn one!! HOW?!?!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017




We had these photos taken when Jack was one week old by Alison Worthen. I love but my favorite ones are with Quinn and Jack. He's so proud to be a big brother and their brother bond is the cutest thing! We have been soaking up these last three months with our perfect boy! Jack has been sooo easy going and is pretty much always happy. He is a little chubba wubba with rolls for days and has dimples that will make your heart melt. I'm so thankful for a chill baby the second time around:) 
 Qs favorite things to do with J are tummy time, story time, morning cuddles, and he loves to burp him after he's been fed. I do struggle with finding balance with two babies and I was terrified to do anything with both for a few months but we are finally on a good schedule! We are getting pretty excited to celebrate Jacks first Christmas in California in a few weeks!!

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