Saturday, July 9, 2016

Texas Home Tour

Our first home has been something special and we have been loving making it our own! 
The biggest update we have done so far is painting the kitchen cabinets and wall colors. 
I've always dreamed of a white kitchen so we had a painter come in and spray paint the cabinets white and he also painted all the walls grey. The natural light in this house is one of the major reasons why I fell in love with it, just something about bright big windows makes me the happiest. Quinns favorite part is of course having a yard to play in and going to our neighborhood pool everyday.

 We have recently had a huuuuge change of plans over the last month!  Rainey has an opportunity go back to school and get his masters degree in Utah this fall. I still can't believe it, but in the fall we will back in Utah for a year! 
We are currently looking for nice renters to take care of our Allen home for us while we are living in Utah:) We will be really sad to leave it here but we are always up for a new adventure!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Teepee Love// 18 months

Teepee// Land of Nod
Qs whole outfit // Target
My shirt// Hope Ave

 Sooo much love for these photos of my wild boy in his teepee!
 Thanks to my girl Alison for always capturing such special photos for us!
This nut keeps me busy with his crazy escape plans from his crib and his speedy sprints and face-plants everywhere he goes.
He has at least five cuts and scrapes on each leg at all times lately.
 He's mostly naughty but sometimes can be a sweetheart and can give me the BEST open mouth kisses and back pat hugs! This stage has been a bit of a struggle and adjustment for us but we are embracing it and learning and laughing everyday with this kid!   


Saturday, February 13, 2016

MY MINI V a l e n t i n e

Happy LOVE day!!
 These photos were from a little mini valentines day shoot by Haley Birkelbach a few weeks ago! I was kinda obsessed with how they turned out so I made them into a valentines day card to send out to all of our family out of town. Pinhole Press has tons of the cutest card ideas and photo books. I've been creating so many fun photo books for Quinn!
 Life has been pretty exhausting lately with our active & crazy busy 1 year old boy. He is enjoying running literally everywhere he goes and playing hide and seek with daddy any chance he can get. I swear he gets at least 3 bruises a day with how fast he's moving around! Elmo is his favorite show ever and he could live off of Pb&js, hot dogs, and bananas. I just gave him his first haircut today and I cant believe how handsome and old he's looking! He's been the biggest trooper the last few months as we've been taking him along our busy house hunt. We are in a crazy stressful market and have been through some heartbreaks.. BUT we are hopeful the perfect house for us will come up soon:)

I hope you all have a happy Valentines Day celebrating with the ones you love the most! 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Card Photos 2015

Photos // Danielle Sabol

Danielle captured the sweetest family pics for our christmas card this year! We love her and her amazing talent behind the camera! I used Minted to make our cards this year and was so pleased with how they turned out.  We went to a beautiful ranch in McKinney and luckily Quinn was so giddy in all of the photos. All thanks to the random dog that showed up halfway through the shoot. Quinn's third word ever is doggy and has a major obsession with all dogs. 
 I hope you have all had a Merry Christmas! We got back late last night from our christmas travels in California. I loved being home for Christmas and enjoyed getting to celebrate all our family traditions with Quinn this year. Last year we were taking him home from the hospital on Christmas day and this year I loved seeing his pure joy on Christmas morning. He wasn't interested in opening his gifts but he was soaking it all up and had the happiest time watching everyone else open their gifts. I love the magic that having a baby of my own has brought to christmas.

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