Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pretty Up

I have offically launched an exlusive website featuring my hair and makeup work! 
Ive been thinking about making one for a while and i'm so excited to finally share it with you!! 
Check it out friends!
>>>>>>>>>>> Prettyup<<<<<<<<<<<<<
This is a fun makeup before/after on my lovely friend Hannah!
Lip Color: Vera by Nars
 Shadow Color: Antiqued by Mac
 Powder: Tarte

Photography: Danielle Sabol

You can follow more hair/makeup posts on my new instagram Pretty.up and Facebook Page!
Thanks so much for all the support!!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

California Dreamin

Here's a little photo drop from our beach trip a few weeks ago!
Quinns first Newport experience was a success!! 
We spent most of our days eating sand, hanging out under the umbrella, and chasing the waves. 
Qs favorite thing to do was feel the sand run in between his fingers and feel the sand with his face
 (we took lots and lots of showers!!). We also went on tons of walks with him up and down the boardwalk.  It was so cute + exhausting to watch him explore and get so excited about the new sounds of the crashing waves and all the excitment of being at the beach. I loved taking him to the beach house I grew up going to and cannot for many more summers in Newport with this little bug!! This sweet boy is growing up so fast and I know he will be walking any day now!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Beauty Post {Olivia}

{Sundress & Cardigan : Altar'd State Hat: Target Necklace: H&M}

I've been so excited to share these lovely photos I took of Olivia with you! 
Isn't she just gorgeous?!! My sister-in-law is one smokin teenager!
 I styled two easy braided hairstyles that I love on long hair.
Olivia has long straight mermaid hair but these braids look stunning with any hair texture..

What I did: |Hair|
{First look} I created a regular 2 inch braid underneath the hair on one side and a 2 inch fishtail braid underneath the hair on the other.  I bobby pined the braids on top of her head like a headband and pulled them out to appear more full. I curled the rest of her hair with a 1 1/2 inch rod curling iron and used WAX BLAST by Redken (all time favorite texture spray) to give it some hold and texture.

{Second look}  Center Part. Starting by the ear, I  did a fishtail braid to both sides of the hair. Gently pulled on the braids for a loose messy look. I love how the braids look paired with a hat.

What I used:| Makeup|
Lip Color: Muted Dirt Rose by Mac Shadow Color: Antiqued by Mac Face: Smashbox CC Cream Foundation  Powder: Tarte Cheeks: TooFaced Chocolate Matte Bronzer

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!

Friday, July 3, 2015

6 month Quinn Update

HAPPY 6 MONTHS! We had to celebrate our little boy last week because he turned a 1/2 a year! I know I am always saying this but I can't believe how fast time is flying!

EYES: Deep deep blue! Most people think they are dark brown when they first see them!

HAIR: It is finally starting to get thicker but mostly just in the back. Hes got choclate brown hair like this mamma! The texture is fuzzy and corse. I've been waiting for some curls to show up:)

SIZE: 6-9 month clothes. Hes in the 80% for height (soo long) and %14 for weight so most pants have to be 3-6 to fit around his little waist. Hes still in size 2 diapers!

SLEEPING: When he was 5 months he was on an amazing schdule and would sleep through the night. This month is a whole different story with teething starting up. He always goes to sleep around 8pm and wakes up at 4am for a feeding and when he has hard days sometimes he will wake up at 12am too:(  We are about to start up the sleep training again. It worked so great when he was 4 months but i've noticed every single month something new comes up and we have  Hes taking 2 good naps a day and usually will sleep for 2 hours each! 

EATING: He is still mostly a nursing baby. I've noticed my milk supply is getting lower beacause i've been back at work so we are supplementing one bottle a day now. When i'm at work he LOVES taking a bottle! So happy we finally found a formula and bottle he will take! We use Enfamil and Dr. Brown bottles. Works like a charm! Eating all kinds of solids now and drinking water from a sippy cup!


  • Scoots across the floor 
  • Sits up by himself
  • Belly laughs

What Quinn loves:

  • Swimming!! I take him to the pool almost everyday for a few hours. He is always splashing and making friends with all the other kids. By the end of the day we have a circle of little around us ! haha
  • My anti-cuddle baby has turned into a cuddler! He loves morning snuggles and my heart could explode every morning!!
  • He likes to be on the ground playing. It makes him so happy to scoot across the floor and finally get places. That boy is so so mobile already. My doctor thinks he will be walking in the next few months!
  • Going anywhere with lots of people around. The other day I walked into the grocery store and he let out the most excited squeal ever. He is always happy to be social!
  • Trying to feed himself with a spoon and drinking out of his sippy cup (Already thinks he can do everything by himself)
  • Peek-a-boo and Puppets 
  • Still loves grabbing mammas hair and everyother girls hair with his insane grip. Hes sooo strong
  • All dogs and most any animal. We are thinking we need to get a dog for this boy!    
What Quinn does not like:
  • Teething has been hard for him. Luckily orajel and the cold teething toys relieved the pain for him. He has one tooth on the bottom and we die because he looks like a little hillbilly!!
  • Not a huge fan of his veggies yet. Shouldn't have started him on the best stuff first!!
  • Can't stand being in a room alone. He's a pretty clingy little guy. 
haha he was so tired in this photos so it was hard to get him to show off his cheesy little grin! 

Quinns outfit: Hat:Target Shorts:Baby Gap Tank top +Shirt:H&M 
I get sooo many of Qs outfits from H&M. They have the best baby selection!
My Dress:H&M Jacket: F21(old) Raineys tank:Target

Have a Happy 4th this weekend!

    Friday, June 19, 2015

    Dallas Family Session

    Skirt & Necklace//H&M Top//Target Shoes//Old Navy (last summer) 
    Q: Shirt &Shorts: Carters Shoes:Sperrys
    Rain: Shirt//Gap Pants//Nordstrom Rack(old) Shoes//Rack Room

    Thank you so much for capturing these Melanie!! We had such a fun family session + awesome location with her! I'm sooo sad she is moving to San Franscisco at the end of the summer!  We loved shooting on the new bridge with the Dallas skyline behind us. It was a super hot day + Q was teething so we were worried we wouldnt get any good shots of him. The ice cubes Melanie brought saved the day! Quinn was 5 1/2 months in these photos. I cant believe my baby is almost half of a year old! 5 month Q update coming soon>>>


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