Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hair Tutorial // Bubble Braid

I loved teaming up with Fave4 to bring you this bubble braid hair tutorial! The bubble pony is one of my favorite trending hairstyles this fall! I added a dutch braid throughout the pony to create a unique touch! It's fairly simple if you are comfortable with french braiding. It can be a great look to keep your hair out of your face or it can be dressed up for something more formal..enjoy!!
, or it can be dressed up for something more formal....enjoy!
Step 1: Spray hair with Texture Takeover to create bulk. Create a two inch section in center starting at the forehead and begin a Dutch braid.

Step 2: Continue the Dutch braid until you pass crown of head. When you reach crown, discontinue adding sections to the Dutch braid. Finish the braid without adding hair as you go.

Step 3: Gather top section of the hair, including braid, and secure with an elastic.

Step 4: Continue adding sections of hair and securing about 2 inches down the braid.

Step 5 & 6: Once all bubbles are created spray with Texture Takeover then pull gently in opposing directions on the braid in each section. 
Happy braiding!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall Favorites

Sharing some of my favorite fall inspirations with you today!!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shades of Fall

 I'm so excited the Fall season is in the air!
 The time when the leaves change color, along with our beauty color pallets. The beginning of a new season brings an itch to change up our look, and our hair color is the easiest way to do it! I've come up with some of my favorite hair colors of the season to help you choose the perfect one for you!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer G o o d b y e s + Bumpdate

Here's a little recap of our summer trips to Newport Beach in California and Fort Walton Beach in Florida...
I am so sad to say goodbye to an amazing summer on these gorgeous beaches with our family!  I can't believe it will be our last summer on the beach without a little one! I hope our little guy will love the ocean as much as his parents! 

I am now 24 weeks preggo which means only a few more weeks until I hit the 3rd trimester! WHAT??  This second trimester has flown by and I can now see why its called the "honeymoon" trimester. My morning sickness completely went away and all things food taste amazing! My energy levels have been pretty much back to normal and I get to feel my little man start to move more and more everyday!

I made a list of a few reasons why being pregnant has its awesome moments!:)
*Your hair is way more full and gorgeous than it's ever been.(thanks to your prenatal vitamins).
*Going to bed at 7 p.m. is perfectly acceptable, if not encouraged.
*You can eat whatever you want whenever you want.
*Since you keep getting bigger, you have to go shopping all the time for new clothes that fit. Valid excuse to spend money.
*The special reserved parking spot for pregnant women at the grocery store.
*Your husband is extra nice to you. Requesting a foot massage is no big deal!
*Unless you're really passionate about it, you don't have to work out at all.
*People throw you parties with lots of presents and cake.
*You get to wear pants with an elastic waist every single day!

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: A spaghetti squash! About 11 inches long and a full POUND 1/2!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Finally had to break down and buy a maternity band! It feels so amazing though and I can wear all my normal jeans now! Investigating lots of dresses for this fall. I just ordered a few  on Asos.

SLEEP: I sleep like a baby but have the most intense realistic dreams every night. I have to go pee every few hours too so im getting up a few times a night. He must be sitting very low!

MOVEMENT: I will never get sick of answering YES to this question. Just this week he has been kicking me during the day and right before I go to bed they get really strong!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Buying his first pair of white/purple converse. And finding one of Raineys adorable baby outfits in an old box at his parents house.  A velvet vest and a matching hat, literally the cutest thing I have ever seen!

MISS ANYTHING: Not really!!

FOOD CRAVINGS: Flaming hot Cheetos….those things I tell ya. Frosted Flakes cereal, bean and cheese burritos, and blue gatorade.

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: Too much sugar and most sandwiches.

AM I SHOWING: see above picture….the bump is out for good!

WEIGHT GAIN: 10lbs!!

STRETCH MARKS:  None yet…. i'm putting coconut oil on every night.

HAPPY OR MOODY: Super super happy lately! I have a ton of energy.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: My next ultrasound in a few weeks! We are planning on getting the 3D so we can see a little glimpse as to what our little boy will look like. Also registering at Target and Babys R Us so we can get the nursery started!!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

4 ways to wear a Flower Crown

 I styled 4 different hairstyles using White Plums new floral headbands!  This retro and adorable look is surprisingly easy to pull off whether you have long and luscious locks or a short bob. You can style your hair up or down because this look will be perfect either way with one of the many choices White Plum has to offer.

Dress & Headband/ White Plum
One of the easiest and cute ways to style a floral headband is with your hair down and curled across the forehead. This was a perfect style for me because it smoothed out all my frizzy, unwanted flyaways on top and added some excitment to my everyday loose waves.

This loose fishtail to the side was stunning on Brookes long blonde locks. I decided to change up the style by pinning her braid up on top to give her hair a pretty crown braid look. Here is a crown braid tutorial for you to try! Just fishtail instead of french braid:)

The double inverted french braid wrapped around the back worked great with Caroline's cute little bob. I love how braids next to the headband compliment the flowers and give it an extra flair. I used elements of this wrap around braid tutorial to create the look!

 This messy boho braid is soo easy and cute!! I made a tutorial when I first discovered this braid because it has always been one of my favorites. Boho Braid Tutorial 
**FYI is offering a flash sale on these headbands just for today!  
There are so many ways to wear these headbands and create different looks. You just have to be creative and have fun with it! Here are some looks that i'm obsessed with..


Monday, August 4, 2014

Exciting News!

Dress| H&M (Similar)

SO excited to annouce we will be having a baby BOY!! The anticipation we went through before finding out the gender was unreal!! We both had a feeling it would be a boy and I had a vivid dream one night that I had a little boy so it was not a huge shock when they told us he was going to be a boy in the ultarasound. I wanted my whole family to be there when we found out so we made an apt. in California while we were there on vacation last week. It was so special having everyone in the room with us and we even got to see a few pictures of him in 3D! Already so obsessed with this little guy! I am now 20 weeks and can feel him start to squrim a little in my belly. Right now it just feels like butterflys and I cannot wait until I can actually feel a little foot or a hand.  My whole life I have been surrounded by 3 sisters and I am the ultimate girly so I am not quite sure that I will know what to do with a boy. All I have ever known is barbies,playing dress up, and the color pink. Rain can cannot contain his excitment about this little boy and can hardly wait to be a daddy! He will seriously be the best:) I cant wait to have a sweet baby boy in our lives. Happy Monday!
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