Tuesday, November 11, 2014

October Recap+Bumpdate

Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Hair Tutorials//Disney Princess Styles

Today I am joining with Fave4 to bring you these Halloween-themed hair tutorials! 
  Disney princesses are seriously on-trend with their bubble ponytails, pretty braids and stay-put topknots, and who doesn’t want to feel like a princess?!  Enjoy these easy hair tips to help create that last minute halloween costume idea you were looking for!
 1. Curl hair and brush out, spray with Texture Takeover for added bulk.  Pick up 2 inch sections and tease top from forehead to crown. 
2. Comb top later of hair until smooth, secure with an elastic. 
3. Begin a Dutch braid, using the center pony as your center section of braid.
 4. As you pick up sections to add, angle the braid from center towards the side of your head and braid all the way down.
 5. Spray entire braid with Texture Takeover to create grip. 
6.Pull in opposite directions on each section of the braid to create fullness.

 1. Part hair at center, tease side and front sections. 
2. Put headband on, leaving a two-inch section in front of band. 
3.Twist strands back and over, tucking underneath band. 
4.Work backwards with the twisting and tucking until all hair from front section is rolled around headband.
5. Create low pony, secure with elastic.  Lift top section of ponytail and tease underneath.  If you have clip-in extensions, this is a great place to add them to your pony for added length.
 6. Continue down ponytail, creating bubbles 1 to 2 inches down.  Pull in opposite directions on bubbles to desired fullness.  Finish by misting Flex Reflect all over hair to create shine and secure flyaways.

 1. Create a deep side part 
2. Begin barrel –curling hair away from face. 
3.Continue barrel curls on other side of head, maintaining curl direction away from face.
 4. Spray Workable Wear throughout hair.
 5. Lifting up sections of hair, tease all throughout for big fullness and lift.  Then brush through hair gently to reshape curls. 
6.Starting at part, smooth top section into side swoop using boar bristle brush, secure with pins

 1. Create a side part and continue parting all the way to neck, section off into 2 ponytails. 
2. Begin braiding one side into a French braid.  Braid should begin just above the ear.
 3. As you finish braid, angle braid towards front so it rests in front of shoulder, not behind.  Secure with an elastic.
 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to create matching braid on other side.
 5. Spray Texture Takeover all over braid, concentrating on crown.
 6. Tease and pull gently on top sections of hair for lift and a more tousled look. 

 1. Create off-center part, leaving 2 inch section on each side. 
2. Pull remaining hair back into high pony, secure with an elastic. 
3.Tease ponytail using boar bristle teasing-comb.
 4. Smooth top side of ponytail, begin wrapping loosely into topknot 
 5. Secure ribbon with bobby pins, tucking under hair to hide ends
 6. Lightly spray Style Stay all over for hold, taming flyaways with hands.

Thanks so much for reading!! Happy Styling!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hair Tutorial // Bubble Braid

I loved teaming up with Fave4 to bring you this bubble braid hair tutorial! The bubble pony is one of my favorite trending hairstyles this fall! I added a dutch braid throughout the pony to create a unique touch! It's fairly simple if you are comfortable with french braiding. It can be a great look to keep your hair out of your face or it can be dressed up for something more formal..enjoy!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall Favorites

Sharing some of my favorite fall inspirations with you today!!

Happy Friday!

I love to change up my makeup when fall rolls around and this year I am obsessed with the Oxblood and Gold color pallet!! I recently just found some makeup and nail polish to help you recreate these looks above on a budget! I have literally been wearing the oxblood lipstain by Revlon everyday! 

I am planning on living in leggings, slouchy sweaters, and scarves this fall! I finally found some amazing maternity lines that have helped styling this bump! I am in the 3rd trimester this week and am starting to feel huge so it helps to have some stylish preggo clothes! I actually went into Motherhood Maternity a few days ago and found lots of cute and comfy leggings and some Jessica Simpson jeans! 
ASOS Maternity-The dresses are my favorite// Gap Maternity-I love the slouchy sweaters and button up shirts// H&M Maternity-really awesome pants line// Jessica Simpson Maternity-love how her skinny jeans fit.
{Here is a coupon code for Motherhood Maternity}

How amazing do these all look??! Every single one of these recipes will be tried this fall. I think my little one is going to be a sweet tooth because anything with sugar is ALWAYS on my mind these days..

Bumpdate: Week 28-3rd Trimester
(Only 12 weeks left till we get to meet this baby boy!!)


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shades of Fall

 I'm so excited the Fall season is in the air!
 The time when the leaves change color, along with our beauty color pallets. The beginning of a new season brings an itch to change up our look, and our hair color is the easiest way to do it! I've come up with some of my favorite hair colors of the season to help you choose the perfect one for you!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer G o o d b y e s + Bumpdate

Here's a little recap of our summer trips to Newport Beach in California and Fort Walton Beach in Florida...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

4 ways to wear a Flower Crown

 I styled 4 different hairstyles using White Plums new floral headbands!  This retro and adorable look is surprisingly easy to pull off whether you have long and luscious locks or a short bob. You can style your hair up or down because this look will be perfect either way with one of the many choices White Plum has to offer.

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