Thursday, October 1, 2015

Quinn Update ( 9 m o n t h s )

Both of Quinns chinos with suspenders are from H&M kids + Newsboy hat is from Babies R Us
photos// Alison Worthen
We took these photos a few weeks ago at the gorgeous Dallas Arboretum and we decided use some fun props! Quinn wanted to be held in almost every shot so we were lucky to get a few of just him on his own! Hard to believe my boy is 1 in 3 months?!!

I've skipped a few months but here is a little update on my 9 month old..

Size (Diapers, Onesies): size 3 diapers! Bottoms 3-6 and tops 9-12! His thighs are chunky still but everywhere else is thinning out quite a bit! He's finally in a big boy stroller and car seat.
Eyes:  Getting darker blue every month! I'm happy he kept his blue eyes like me!

Hair:  Finally getting long but just in the back!! My bald baby is officially growing a mullet!  Staying brown but turning into a lighter brown.
Sleeping: yay! He's finally back to being a solid sleeper!! Most nights he sleeps 12 hours from 7-7. Sometimes wakes up around 5 but i'm trying to break that habit! We have been traveling a lot so he is a little off from changing time zones! As soon as 7 hits he is crazy fussy-she knows it’s bed time! He will never sleep past 7 am but he takes amazing naps during the day so i don't mind the early morning at all.
Eating: I’ve gotten way way better at feeding him solids this month! We started introducing a lot of finger foods this month along with his normal solids! His favorite solid flavors are sweet potatoes, chicken noodle, chicken and apples (Sounds so gross but he loves it) His favorite finger foods are yogurt bites, bananas, avocado, apple cinnamon cheerios, and strawberries + rasberries! He eats three meals a day at the same times everyday!

First word was "mama"(the best ever!!!)
He can stand by himself unsupported for up to 10 seconds!
Pulls himself up and walks along walls, drawers, furniture…pretty much everything. He loves to climb into everything and is always getting into mamas shoes and cookbooks.
He can sing along to music in the softest sweet little voice
Started putting his head under in the swimming pool!
Rode on his 8th airplane ride!! He is starting to get this traveling thing down!

DOGS(Maverick is his favorite dog) and pretty much obsessed with every other animal. We take him to pets mart and he has the most excited squeals.
Other kids and babies
Reading books
His daddy
Peek a boo
The swings at the park
Opening every drawer and door
Being tossed in the air
Shower time in the mornings
The hot tub
Puff crackers

The vacuum (He starts bawling every time I turn it on) haha!
Starting to hate being confined in his high chair:(((
Sitting in his stroller at the mall or anytime I want to get any shopping done. I have to hold him the whole time so we never get very much shopping done.
Taking medicine
Going to the doctor

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wedding Weekend

Will and Whit got hitched! 
These love birds are SO perfect together and we had an amazing weekend
 celebrating in Utah with them! 
We couldn't be happier to add this adorable sister-in-law to our family!
 I was lucky enough to get to doll her up on the big day and she made such a gorgeous bride!
 Quinny was a little trooper this weekend.
 Even though he was sick most of the time he still had lots of fun with his cute cousin
 and dancin the night away on the dance floor! 
His little suspenders and bowtie were killin me! Love my little stud! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pretty Up

I have offically launched an exlusive website featuring my hair and makeup work! 
Ive been thinking about making one for a while and i'm so excited to finally share it with you!! 
Check it out friends!
>>>>>>>>>>> Prettyup<<<<<<<<<<<<<
This is a fun makeup before/after on my lovely friend Hannah!
Lip Color: Vera by Nars
 Shadow Color: Antiqued by Mac
 Powder: Tarte

Photography: Danielle Sabol

You can follow more hair/makeup posts on my new instagram Pretty.up and Facebook Page!
Thanks so much for all the support!!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

California Dreamin

Here's a little photo drop from our beach trip a few weeks ago!
Quinns first Newport experience was a success!! 
We spent most of our days eating sand, hanging out under the umbrella, and chasing the waves. 
Qs favorite thing to do was feel the sand run in between his fingers and feel the sand with his face
 (we took lots and lots of showers!!). We also went on tons of walks with him up and down the boardwalk.  It was so cute + exhausting to watch him explore and get so excited about the new sounds of the crashing waves and all the excitment of being at the beach. I loved taking him to the beach house I grew up going to and cannot for many more summers in Newport with this little bug!! This sweet boy is growing up so fast and I know he will be walking any day now!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Beauty Post {Olivia}

{Sundress & Cardigan : Altar'd State Hat: Target Necklace: H&M}

I've been so excited to share these lovely photos I took of Olivia with you! 
Isn't she just gorgeous?!! My sister-in-law is one smokin teenager!
 I styled two easy braided hairstyles that I love on long hair.
Olivia has long straight mermaid hair but these braids look stunning with any hair texture..

What I did: |Hair|
{First look} I created a regular 2 inch braid underneath the hair on one side and a 2 inch fishtail braid underneath the hair on the other.  I bobby pined the braids on top of her head like a headband and pulled them out to appear more full. I curled the rest of her hair with a 1 1/2 inch rod curling iron and used WAX BLAST by Redken (all time favorite texture spray) to give it some hold and texture.

{Second look}  Center Part. Starting by the ear, I  did a fishtail braid to both sides of the hair. Gently pulled on the braids for a loose messy look. I love how the braids look paired with a hat.

What I used:| Makeup|
Lip Color: Muted Dirt Rose by Mac Shadow Color: Antiqued by Mac Face: Smashbox CC Cream Foundation  Powder: Tarte Cheeks: TooFaced Chocolate Matte Bronzer

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!

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