Monday, January 12, 2015

Quinn Rogers

Every time I look through all the photos from this day I feel like I am completely reliving that night and feeling every emotion all over again. This was seriously the best day of my life!! Quinn Steven Rogers came on Decemebr 23rd at 5:21 pm.  He weighed in at 7 pounds 13 ounces and was 20 inches long..almost my exact birth weight and length! He is a spitting image of Rainey when he was a baby but came out with my dark hair:) We decided to induce a day after my due date. We went to the hospital that night and got things going. In the morning they put me on pitocin and broke my water and when I started feeling contractions I asked if I could get my epidural and soon after I was in heaven. It felt like I was laying in a hot tub! I was so so so scared when it was time to start pushing but luckily I have the most amazing husband who calmed me down and supported me so much through the whole thing. Then I began pushing and pushing and after two hours my doctor came in and told me he was going to use forceps to help get him out. I was terrified but completely trusted my doctor and I pushed for 10 more minutes and he was out! Then I got to watch Rainey cut the umbellical cord. They let me hold him for a minute which was the most amazing feeling ever. Then the nurse had to take him away to clean him up and weigh him. Finally I got to hold him and I have never felt so much love in my entire life – for  baby Q and for Rainey– it just doesn’t get better than that.

We switched hospital rooms and got a more comfortable bed and I got to nurse Quinn for the first time which was such a special moment. I can’t even explain how much I love getting to nurse him.. the first time it was so natural for him to do it and I felt like we instantly had this amazing connection. Nursing is my favorite thing to do and I feel so blessed that I get to have that time with him. We stayed a couple nights at the hospital and got take our christmas miracle home in a cute little stocking on Christmas day!   I am so thankful my mom and sisters were able to come in town and help me recover for a few weeks. We are just in heaven cuddling with him all day long, admiring all his little expressions, and having lazy days just the three of us.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Maternity Photos + Giveaway Winner!

**Photos by Danielle Sabol
Dress/ ASOS Shoes/Modcloth

Here is the last photos from of our maternity session with the amazing Danielle! 
 I'm at 38 weeks now and about ready to pop!! I can't sleep anymore and constantly daydream about being a mom.  We are getting soo impatient to meet our little christmas baby! 

THANK YOU to all of you who entered in the Younique Stocking Stuffer Giveaway!!
The Winner is..........
Emmalee Silva

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I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

//Younique Stocking Stuffer Giveaway//


Fall has pretty much come & gone in Texas.  A little too quickly for my liking, but with the cold front coming in, it’s starting to feel like Christmas!  Most of us are already planning what gifts to buy & trying to find something different or Younique to give this year. I’m excited to co-host this amazing stocking stuffer giveaway with Younique Beauty by Courtney!  
A few months ago I reviewed the amazing Younique 3D Fiberlash Mascara & Courtney thought it would be fun to complete the eye look with a couple Shimmer mineral pigments.  I got so many compliments when wearing the shimmer pigments!  We selected two that look good for any season Daring & Glamorous.  I have put together some of my favorite eye palettes for those that want to take advantage of the limited steal: 4 pigments for 35 dollars.  These natural mineral pigments go on smoothly & last all day with just a little bit on my brush!  I usually have to do many layers & reapply other shimmer shadows, but not with these. I used the Glorious Face Primer underneath to prevent the pigments on the lid from creasing & to enhance the colors.  The primer can also be used to help smooth hair, taking care of frizzy flyaways!  Who doesn’t love versatile make up?!  

**Follow the simple steps in the Raffelcopter below to win 2 of my favorite holiday shimmer mineral pigments and a 3D Fiber Mascara

Check out my review on the 3D mascara here!
Good Luck!!

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**Make sure to check out more amazing products from Beauty by Courtney
(The primer is another favorite!)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Maternity Photos // Part 1

 * photo// Patrizia Montanari
PHOTOS//// Danielle Sabol
Floral Crown// The Stalk Market
 Rainey and I recently took maternity photos with my fav gal, Danielle Sabol, and I wanted to share some from the first look we did! She is soo talented and I seriously loved every photo she sent back so sorry for the overload! These will be so so special to me! I am finally 36 weeks and we are getting extremely anxious and excited to meet this baby boy:)
I have been lucky and have had a really great pregnancy so I can’t complain, but I will say these last weeks have been pretty miserable! Between acid reflux, restless leg syndrome, back pains and kicked ribs, I pretty much don’t sleep at night – I am literally nocturnal! Husbands of pregnant wives deserve an award, it takes a lot to put up with us – or at least me haha. Rainey is a pretty awesome guy!!

I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving break this week! We are flying to AZ to be with family and i'm  getting pretty nervous to fly while i'm so pregnant! Crossing my fingers that this baby stays put until I get back to Texas! 


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